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As an Educator and Businessman, I feel a personal "charge" to:
- provide value
- do "good" in the world
- work with integrity

Two pieces of advice:

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1. If you want to learn how to be successful at anything, find someone who has already become successful and ask them to teach you how they did it.

2. Proven to be true again and again, is to follow YOUR passion. If not, I believe you are probably wasting your time. I have helped to interview literally well over one hundred successful business-people, and the one trait that shines through is PASSION for what they are doing.

Who is Clifton Quinn?

We live here in the San Diego area with my wife and two sons (17 and 18). One is now off at college having fun and learning a bit. I have been involved in the fields of business, computers, and education for most of my life.  I started my first business around age 7 with a buddy, and from then on I was hooked.  Having washed cars, mowed lawns, and delivered papers as a kid, I was always looking for an exciting opportunity and always learning along the way, and having a lot of fun!

Over the years I have worked as a Computer Programmer for National Steel and Shipbuilding, then for a "Big 4" Consulting firm, and on to manage a Computer Center for Shell Oil Company in West Africa for three years. I have started and operated two vending businesses, a Travel Resort business, and I was the first one to own and operate all the Dollar-bill operated Massage Chairs throughout San Diego County. That was fun! I am still passionate and active in the Real Estate and Home-based business markets and over twenty years ago I was fortunate enough to become a Full-time College Professor, and that is the job/passion of my dreams!

My passion has always included helping people where I can. Now,well over 25 years of business experience later, I have learned a few things, and I am willing to share.

What are your values? Read this brief messge:


This magazine, Yes Magazine, is a wonderful addition to my life. I highly recommend you check it out.

This company, Landmark Education, can change your life.

What does this mean to you?

A benefit of my career teaching in the fields of Computer Science and Business at Grossmont College in San Diego County, is that I am constantly being challenged to "keep current".  This is a large challenge today, but one with side benefits.

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This allows me (or forces me!) to maintain a "current" perspective in MANY areas. 

The fairly recent field of "Intenet Marketing", combining traditional business with the incredible reach and tools of the Internet, has been a perfect fit for me.

I truly love what I do, and I am willing to share what I have learned, often absolutely free. If I see that I can provide help, and the scope of the request is in my range of ability, I will assist anyone as long as these three criteria are met:

  1. If you market a product of true "value".
  2. You work with integrity.
  3. Your product does "good" in the world in some way.

I only work with people who have searched me out.

What a great market to work with!

I have "pledged" to spend at least 10 percent of my
professional time helping to repair the world.

Take the pledge yourself. 

My offer to you:

If you have a challenging and worthwhile project, and if you would like assistance, coaching, or advice on the Internet portion of your business,or with business "ideas", that's where I can possibly help.

Areas in which I have some expertise:  When I realize that a scope is beyond my limits, I have access to a very skilled group of experts who can be called upon. Some of these folks are literally the people who "wrote the book" on the subject.

Oh yes, what I offer is NOT for everybody. If we see that this is not a good fit for you, we will move our own ways and I will be glad to offer you the best advice I can provide.

My job is to help YOU succeed. If I can.


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A bit more about me.... you can count on me. I have many things that I love to do! I look forward to learning more about you and your personal goals. Some of the ones I have narrowed my time down to are:


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